What Makes Our Coffee so rather Spiffing?

Welcome to Spiffing Coffee, the online coffee store that brings a punch to your taste buds. We bring you coffee varieties that showcase some of the finest flavours in coffee you’re likely to taste.

Our vision is to bring you crackerjack-coffee in a rather dashing package. We want to put a ‘quintessential’ British twist on world coffee to help our customers understand what they want and why they want it. We began selling ‘Chin-Wag’ in 2017 and our customers loved it so now we’ve introduced 5 more flavours, including a Swiss-Water Decaffeinated coffee from Latin America.

Whether you’re a barista born in a coffee shop or someone just getting into coffee,  we’ve got a selection of coffees you can get your taste buds dating. Go on, have a butchers!

I Like My Coffee…

Carnival Charm

Carnival Charm is a magnificent Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from Mogiana, Brazil. Here, the coffee is known to be sweet, fruity flavoured with an announcement of chocolate and a rich, savoury, creamy body. Just like a carnival, you’ll melt into a spectrum of colours. It ‘s available in whole coffee beans or ground.

Chin Wag

Chin-Wag has been specially blended to offer a sweet chocolatey flavour complimented with notes of caramel & fruit. With balanced acidity levels and Rainforest Alliance certified beans, we’re able to harmoniously fuse the relationship between bean and taste – perfect for those ‘chin-wag’ moments! It ‘s available in whole coffee beans or ground.


We’re changing the way you think of decaffeinated coffee with our charismatic Latin American contribution. You’ll sense low acidity and a creamy mouthfeel from the rich walnut and cocoa notes. Smooth every sip of the way. If you think you’ve tasted decaf coffee before, think again. It ‘s available in whole coffee beans or ground.

Rumbling Tiger

Rumbling Tiger is a luscious Fairtrade Organic coffee from Sumatra. Rich, indulgent and full bodied with notes of peach syrup and spices with subtle acidity and an intense dark chocolate finish. Be warned, you may feel like a princely tiger! It ‘s available in whole coffee beans or ground.

Salsa Rhythms

Salsa Rhythms is a sumptuous Fairtrade Colombian Coffee from the Huila Region. We favoured this coffee because it’s known for its softness, bright acidity, sweetness and aromatic profile. You’ll no longer recognise this as coffee but a copious intoxication. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing, smiling and altogether rocking! It ‘s available in whole coffee beans or ground.

Yellow Bangle

Yellow Bangle comes from the beautiful Karnataka region in India where the monsoon season plays a remarkable role in the colour and flavour of the beans. Soft, low-acidity with plenteous smooth liquorice and spicy notes, it is full of Indian charm and piquancy. Brought to India by Sufi Baba Budan on return from pilgrimage, Yellow Bangle is both spiffing and divine! It ‘s available in whole coffee beans or ground.

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