Rumbling Tiger

sumatran roar

Organic & Fairtrade

Rumbling Tiger is a single origin Fairtrade Organic coffee from Sumatra. Rich, indulgent and full bodied with notes of peach syrup and spices with subtle acidity and an intense dark chocolate finish. Be warned, you may feel like a princely tiger! Grrr!

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Whole Bean



Rumbling Tiger

Medium-Dark Roast 100% Arabica


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5 reviews for Rumbling Tiger

  1. Maris

    Just had my free sample and have to say that this is good coffee! Definitely one of the nicest I have tried. So glad I found it!

  2. The_foodie_pharmacist (verified owner)

    I’ve had a lot of coffee in my life. But wow, the flavours of this are incredible! Deep, rich and smooth.. the chocolate afternote..delicious!
    Plus.. the service, delivery and care from the team is fantastic!

  3. Megan Butterfield

    Such a nice coffee – flavours are so deep and rich, a new morning favourite of mine!

  4. James Russell (verified owner)

    My first purchase included ‘Rumbling Tiger’ and ‘Salsa Rythems’, (Ground). From point of purchase communication from Spiffing was on point and very professional. The process is quick and easy resulting in speedy delivery. I like my Dark Roast Coffee, Rumbling Tiger ticks all the boxes for me. Salsa Rythems was a perfect blend for my Wife – Very Happy Customers- Put my Next order in For the other flavours we are still to Try!!!

  5. Ramzy @theburgerguy

    Loved this coffee – quite fruity and fresh on the nose and and a smooth, earth roast on the mouth, and a lasting flavour of dark chocolate. Very more-ish!

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Rumbling Tiger is a Fairtrade coffee which means our ‘coffee chain’ considers pricing, good working conditions, local sustainability and fair farmer terms. Fairtrade sets social, economic and environmental standards for both companies and the farmers and workers who grow the food. For farmers and workers, the standards include protection of workers’ rights and the environment, for companies they include the payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium to invest in business or community projects of the community’s choice.

Fairtrade independently check that our standards have been met by the farmers, workers and companies that are part of products’ supply chains. And in order to reassure consumers that this has happened, they license the use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on products and packaging to signal this. When all the ingredients that can be Fairtrade in a product are, the product carries the mark.

Alongside being Fairtrade, Rumbling Tiger is also proudly Organic. This means it is fully traceable from farm to cup, so you can have full confidence in what you're sipping. By order of European Law, any foods labelled as organic must meet strict rules. Organic coffee, therefore, is produced with natural fertilisers from plants, less energy and a kinder environment for all those involved.

Sumatra is the world’s sixth-largest island and the second-largest Indonesian island, after Borneo. This island has diverse natural forest types; 218 species of vascular plants were recorded in a single 200-square-meter plot of dry lowland forest in the Tesso Nilo landscape of central Sumatra, more than twice as many as recorded in the Amazon or any other forest studied. No lowland forest known to science comes close to matching the hyperrichness of species diversity in Tesso Nilo. Sumatra is also high in plant endemism – plants found nowhere else in the world -- including exotic species like the tallest flower in the world, titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum). Many of these natural forests are also important to protect deep peat soil underneath, which is concentrated mainly on the eastern coast of the island.




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